Strip Clubs: Fact and Fiction

How much of what you know about strip clubs is actually true? If most of your experience about them comes from Hollywood movies or TV sitcoms, you may be surprised to find that much of what you think probably isn’t true. This is because, like it always does, Hollywood exaggerates some of the practices behind clubs in order to perpetuate a certain image of them to the public. And, this has also helped foster a negative perception of strip clubs worldwide. Instead of believing everything that you see in movies or on TV, it’s important to take the time to check to see if what you know is actually true!
The good news for you is that we have compiled a list of the biggest strip club myths so that you can find out for yourself what you need to know! We’ve done the hard work for you! No need to bounce around Google to find all this information, as we have put it all together in one great, convenient place.
Are you ready to dispel the myths and discover the truth about them! Then keep reading below!

Claim #1: Strip clubs are places for people to have easy and casual sex.

This is something we’re sure that you’ve heard. This is one of the most prevalent myths about clubs, and it seems to be held by some people of every age and background. But, how much of this myth is actually true. Are strip they really places for increased promiscuity and wanton sexual activity?

Verdict: Myth

As you may have guessed, this claim is a myth. The fact is that most strip clubs are only a way for men and women to go and see performers. It is true that performers can give lap dances or other favors, and they typically strip down and can even do shows in the nude, it’s simply not true that these performers actually want to have sex and regularly have sex with clients. In fact, in many places, having sex for money is illegal, so most people don’t engage in this practice.
In the interest of all honesty, there are some places that may have dark rooms and back corners where some sexual activity takes place. However, these are not the norm and only represent a small subsection of the clubs. These “happy ending” clubs may be closer to the myth behind strip clubs than people realize, but they do not make up the majority of them and cannot be used to represent the entire industry.
So, we have to give this claim the verdict of “myth.”

Claim #2: Strip clubs are expensive.

Maybe you’ve always thought that going to a strip club costs a lot of money. The image that we get of clubs from movies and TV is one where men shell out ones by the dozens for great performances, and we all know that for strippers, the industry can be quite lucrative, with high-end performances earning thousands and thousands a night.
But, does this mean that they are expensive? Will you break your bank just going to have a little fun?

Verdict: Myth

Of course, this falls under the myth category! Just think about it: if clubs were so expensive, would they be so popular? The truth is that most of them have very cheap admission fees and cheap drinks. And, while inside, you don’t have to spend any money that you aren’t willing to. This means that you can still go to a strip club without draining your wallet (but, if you want to, you can always do that).
Again, in order to be completely fair, we do have to say that there are different types of places and clubs of different qualities. This, of course, affects the price. Let’s think of this in terms of hotels. You can find cheap hotels that are usually of a lower quality, and you can also find extremely expensive high-end hotels that can cost you thousands of dollars a night.
Strip clubs are similar in that lower-end clubs are typically cheaper, while high-end gentlemen’s clubs may carry a heftier price tag. However, there is no reason to believe that all of them are out of your budget! The only way to know for sure if you can afford to go to one is to look at your own financial situation and relate it to specific places! This is true no matter what you want to purchase. However, we do have to admit, that compared to other forms of entertainment, a night at a strip club can be fairly and relatively cheap.

Claim #3: The only reason to go to a strip club is if you want sex.

This may go beyond a being a myth to being assumed knowledge. Most people assume that if one goes there, it’s because they are itching and craving for sex and a sexual environment.
Is this true? What does the evidence say?

Verdict: Myth

Of course, this is a myth! There are several reasons people go to strip and gentlemen’s clubs. The truth is that these places are very social events, meaning that people often go in groups or with friends. These people aren’t looking for sex—simply for a way to relax, let loose, and have fun in an open and engaging environment.
As you probably know, it’s also common to have parties and other gatherings at clubs. What better place to let loose and have fun than a strip club? Though it’s true that some people may want to admire the performers and that this does take place, this isn’t the only reason you could go!


As you have seen, many of the prevailing “facts” about this type of places are actually myths perpetuated by Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms. These clubs can be a great way to let loose and have fun, alone or with friends, all for a great price! Whatever your reason for wanting to go a strip club, we hope these answers have helped you and that you continue reading the rest of our content here at Strip Clubs Barcelona.